Game Night RED Talk connected honor students


Redwine Honors Program students gather in the Legacy Multipurpose Room Tuesday, April 24 to play board games.

The Redwine Honors Program directors held a RED Talk Game Night for the honor students Tuesday, April 24 in the Legacy Multipurpose Room to get honor students in a room together and connect one on one with each other.

Previous honor program members developed RED Talk and based it off the known TED Talk series, but the letters are changed to stand for Redwine Educational Discussion. 

“A standard RED Talk would be a lecture from a faculty member and that’s why we call them educational discussions, but we also hold social events which would be what Game Night is. We’ve also done volunteer stuff as a RED Talk. One time there was an honor student who needed heart surgery, so we held a RED Talk dinner to raise money for that honor student,” Juliana Felts, assistant director of the honors program, said. “We usually ask students at the end of the semester what suggestions they have for students the next semester.”

With roughly 65 to 70 people attendees, Felts said Game Night is always the most successful RED Talk the members attend.

Felts said, “Game Night is by far the most popular. We’ve had Game Night every semester for past few years. We hosted it one time just as a fun thing and it had such a huge turnout all the students agreed to keep it going.”

Honors program member and biology junior, Natalie Ragland, said she attended this RED Talk because it was one of the requirements to receive her scholarship.

“We have to attend at least one RED Talk throughout the semester and I chose this one because I figured it would be the most entertaining one,” Ragland said. “Game Night acted as a stress reliever for me with finals coming up. I was able to take my mind off school work and just play games with a bunch of other members.”

Nicholas McWilliams, business management sophomore and honors program member, said he attended the event because there was free food and it allowed him to revisit his childhood memories.

“I had to attend at least one event. I chose this one because it was the last one of the semester and I figured it would allow me to interact with some people I’ve never met,” McWilliams said. “I had a lot of fun because we played some board games I played when I was younger and it brought up a lot of memories.”

McWilliams and Ragland both agreed they enjoyed the Game Night RED Talk and are planning to suggest it for the next semester.