Greeks make themselves more visible on campus through Greek Week

OUR VIEW: Opportunities like Greek Week are beneficial to campus because they make those in Greek organizations and their principle of philanthropy more visible to the rest of the student populace.

With the plethora of annual Greek Week events, students were able to see a presence from members of Greek sororities and fraternities on campus engaging in philanthropic pursuits such as raising funds for the Humane Society of Wichita County.

The diverse events throughout the week created an exciting energy for everyone involved. With the exception of the pageant and the sing song competition, most of the events were free to attend. Events like the dodgeball tournament and Greek Olympics acted as opportunities for students to see what Greek life is in action.

It is also worthy to note the philanthropic pursuits. One of the main tenants of Greek life is philanthropy, and to see members of Greek organizations asking students for help to raise funds for charities, like the Humane Society of Wichita County, is encouraging. It put into principle the idea of philanthropy and student involvement. Such a large portion of the student body is involved with fraternities and sororities, and being present on campus while drawing attention to service opportunities truly shows the benefits these organizations have on students and the university.

Greek Week was not without its faults, though. None of the events were posted on the university calendar and advertisements for the events was not distributed in a timely fashion. Even though the events were in visible places for students to watch, we believe Greek Week should also encourage students outside of Greek life to be more active in attending the events throughout the week.

We recognize the efforts from the Office of Student Involvement staff and the various members of Greek organizations to be more present on campus during the week of Greek Week. The events showed students what the Greek community is about, which ultimately helped raised funds toward community non-profit organizations and toward future Greek events.