Ehlert will strengthen students power on campus

OUR VIEW: Because of his continued efforts to support and endorse student organizations, we feel Steven Ehlert would make the most efficient Student Government Association president for the 2018 — 2019 school year.

For his two years at Midwestern, Ehlert has studied the SGA administrations to build on their success. He remains active in campus life and demands more out of our administration after students left the campus forum over sexual misconduct with more questions than answers. One of his central points of focus is safety on campus, and because of the the current campus climate, Ehlert is intent on making students feel validated in their emotions and provide recourses to handle issues like this so students won’t feel neglected again.

Ehlert has been a leader on campus through his Resident Housing Accociation presidency, and we respect his intentionality with every single individual he encounters. He is capable for any task required of him and will help the students succeed throughout the year, and for this we believe Ehlert is the better choice.

After seeing how devoted students at a two-year community college interacted with student government, Ehlert said he wants to urge students to engage with the connection between the administration and government.

While Gunderson has connections with several organizations she’s familiar with, Ehlert has gone beyond his personal boundaries to seek out organizations he otherwise wouldn’t have interacted with so they feel as if they have a voice on this campus and not overshadowed by any larger organizations.

The vice-president and secretary positions are running unopposed, so we focused on the presidential candidates because we feel this is the most prominent and important decision for the incoming administration.

With expert determination and distinguished experience, Ehlert will rise above his opponent to achieve unity throughout the campus and will emphasize the power of the students.

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An earlier version of this stories said Ehlert is running for the 2017 — 2018 student government association presidency. The Wichitan regrets this error.