Setting the tone for incoming students

First impressions are everything when it comes to meeting new people and trying new things. Orientation is a session for entering undergraduates to learn all about the programs, services and opportunities available here on campus.

“I wan’t to become an Orientation Leader because I was once in their shoes and I wan’t to help the incoming freshman with what to expect their first year in college,” Jayla Howard, business marketing freshman, said.

Q: Why did you decided to become an orientation leader?

A: “When I first came for orientation, I had a great time and that’s how I met my fraternity brothers. When the time came for applications I had gotten close with the staff and they asked me to apply saying I would be good with the incoming students,” Michael Gonzales, criminal justice sophomore, said.

Q: How would you rate your overall experience?

A: Orientation leaders are required to arrive at school a day earlier for training. But despite having to cut their summer a little short Gonzales still had an amazing experience. “It was a really good time, the experience was really fun.”

Q: What are the benefits?

A: Gonzales who was an orientation last year mentioned the connections he made with fellow classmates and staff was the most beneficial part about being an orientation leader. Kiera Young-Hardeman, psychology freshman, plans on applying in hopes of being picked to become an orientation leader. ” I have never worked with college students.” Another benefit of becoming an OL is they now receive hourly pay for the handwork they put into making the incoming students have a great time. 

Q: Any advice for future orientation leaders?

A: “Keep an open mind and be willing to work with diversity and just know you’re the first impression for most of these students,” Gonzales said.

Orientation Leader applications are due by Wednesday, Feb 28 at 5 p.m.