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    mekala KaelinMay 26, 2021 at 10:29 PM

    I totally agree with you and thank you so much for writing this.I have anxiety and depression as well. I too had a Esa dog she passed away about a year ago and I was devastated.I could not bring myself to get another dog,so I have an ESA bunny now and to see all of the harsh comments about ESA.I feel that ESA’s should be covered as a service animal because like I said they do a service for people who have anxiety and depression. they are not pets and if landlords cannot charge people for ESA’s because of their service they do for people. Then to me I feel that everyone should count them as a service animal. Mylow is my 1 year old ESA rabbit. he has a vest that says ESA and when I have a panic attack in my home or out in public he knows to sit on my chest and lick my face to keep me from going deeper into a panic attack. He bumped his little face into mine to make me refocus and put my hands on him by making me feeling his fur brings me back to reality and not go deeper into my panic attack. When I have a panic attack it feels like somebody is crushing my lungs I cannot breathe,I cannot think, I cannot do anything and with him sitting on my chest makes it feel like someone is hugging me very very tight kind of like a weighted blanket it makes me feel safe. I wish more people would educate themselves about ESAs before they judge them because they are a big help to people who need them. I too have medication I take and see a therapist but those don’t always work having my ESA around helps me get through my day.

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    Malorie LangFeb 20, 2018 at 12:54 PM

    Thank you for posting this! I struggle with awful anxiety and depression and have been thinking about applying to get an emotional support dog because my own dogs help my anxiety so much! But I’ve been nervous because I don’t know how others would respond and I don’t want them to think I just somehow got a dog on campus. Mental health issues are the worst and it is comforting to know that there are others struggling too that could possible help or encourage others. So thank you!

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