Underlying message behind a student athletes clothing line

Kayla Guillory

Hard work. Dedication. The ability to push through adversity. These are all useful characteristics in staring a business.

Due to the struggles he has faced throughout his life, Brandon Sampson, arts and sciences senior, said the creation of his brand represents not only himself, but his journey as well.

“I’ve been through a lot of hardships in my life, so I just felt like this slogan represents me and what I’ve put myself through when I went to a junior college,” Sampson said.

Sampson attended Monterey Peninsula College, a junior college in California, prior to coming to MSU.

“I knew Brandon before he came here [MSU], I knew him when he was at his junior college. I witnessed first hand watching him go through the juco struggle,” Elijah Kirkland, psychology junior, said.

Selling clothes is not the only objective Sampson is trying to achieve with his brand, See Adversities Value and Generate Excellence. He is also trying to get a message across that could potentially change people’s lives for the better.

“It’s a mentality and lifestyle. The slogan will be able to help people stay on a positive note to see that there is a way through adversity,” Sampson said.

DJ Myers, psychology senior, said Sampson’s brand is emblematic of who he is as a person.

“My favorite thing about Brandon’s brand is that it symbolizes who he is. It’s his message and what he’s trying to get across not only to the world, but also his family,” Myers said.

With the support of his teammates and friends, Sampson is not alone in his journey to success. 

“I support his brand because it’s a part of who I am too, it’s a message that I feel reflects on my life and what I’m trying to do,” Myers said. “I wear all of his clothes and support his brand as if it was my own.”

Grayson Paul, special education sophomore, said he supports S.A.V.A.G.E. because of Brandon’s hard work.

Paul said, “I support [Sampson’s] brand because it’s someone who started from the bottom and is trying to work his way up with different things besides football.” 

Sampson said he wants his brand to give people a voice and inspire them to be great in everything they do.

“I’ve influenced a lot of people, I also felt like I’ve influenced myself more than anything to be motivated to try to help those people out who need help,” Sampson said.

Since the start of his brand in March 2016, Sampson has since expanded by adding headbands, T-shirts, sweatpants and accessories.

“He knows what he’s doing and it’s gonna go far,” Myers said.

There are benefits of having your own brand, but there are also cons that come along as well according to Sampson. 

“You lose friends. People take it to heart when you don’t agree with their idea, because they want to be a part of something special,” Sampson said. “Reaching out to people and helping them keep a positive mindset are a couple of pros. The number one objective regarding this brand it to help others generate success and to have an impact on people’s lives.”

When coming up with the design, Sampson felt the caution sign emoji embodies the brand’s meaning.

“I just felt like the caution sign is saying, ‘Watch out. I’m destined for greatness,’” Sampson said.

According to the brand’s website in the “about us” section, Sampson is all about being positive and to help others achieve excellence.

“I think [S.A.V.A.G.E.] is pretty affordable, I don’t try and make it too expensive,” said Sampson. 

Students can been seen wearing the brand around campus. Some said they heard about the site through word of mouth and social media sites.

“I heard about it from a friend, and then I also found out a little more on twitter,” said, Madison Tavarez, dental hygiene freshman.

Tavarez also said a couple of the items, such as the windbreaker and sweatpants, could be a little cheaper, but overall the prices are fair.

For the brand, Sampson has made a Facebook page, Instagram and even a Twitter page. Grayson Paul, special education sophomore, stays up to date with the brand on social media as well.

“S.A.V.A.G.E. is beginning to become more and more popular here around campus,” said Paul.

According to Sampson, a long term goal of his for the brand is to open a store in Los Angeles, California on top of joining the National Football League.

Sampson said his brand is his motivation to the important things in his life, such as family and friends, God and football.

His advice for entrepreneurs is to achieve pursue their dreams despite what anyone else says.

“Do it, don’t let people tell you otherwise. If you have a dream, all it takes is imagination,” Sampson said.