20 organizations look to recruit students at fair

latoya fondren

Students filled the Clark Student Center Atrium as they walked around to each table to gather information regarding the about 20 organizations at the Student Organization Fair, put on by the Office of Student Involvement.

Stefan Laplace, geosciences senior and secretary of the Environmental Student Organization, said, “Our purpose is to educate the campus about environmental issues because most people tend to overlook them, and it effects everyone.”

Laplace said he he wants students to be aware of the importance of volunteering and how it can positively affect future generations to come.

“Come to the meetings and volunteer. It’s important to volunteer because students are the future and we’re going to be the ones to change the future for future generations and ourselves. So we have to be sustainable now for the environment and for the future,” Laplace said.

Laplace said it’s important for students to be educated on the environment so that they’re taking great care of the planet.

“The more educated we are, the better the life of our planet will be,” Laplace said.

Last year he recruited 25 students and said he likes the fair because students get the opportunity to learn about different organizations on campus.

“It’s important to get involved because there are a lot of little of things that we can do in our daily lives to make an impact for the environment that we may not be aware of,” Laplace said.

Other organizations such as the Black Student Union were in attendance to recruit students as well and to expand the community.

Ally Green, applied arts and science major and president of the Black Student Union, said, “We have a lot of volunteering roles that students can get involved with such as helping set up tables, decorate, take down at events, being apart of the committee and running for an officer chair.”

Green said her organization benefits students because it has a portion of its meeting where members host educational games and forums for students to learn more about different subjects.

Green said, “It’s important to join so that our community stays together in some kind of way.”

Students such as Delena Pham, radiology junior, said she attended the fair because she is interested in joining an organization that she could can add to her resume.

“I’m interested in honors organizations and Gamma Phi,” Pham said. “Make it to where you didn’t just go to school and go home, join organizations that you can put on your resume.”

Pham said it’s important for students to get involved because it shows they have leadership, time management and social skills.

“Students should join organizations on campus because it shows you have leadership skills, you know how to manage your time and work well with others for different things,” Pham said.

The cheer team was also in attendance to recruit students that are interested in expressing school spirit and exercising.

Paige Gore, marketing junior and captain of the cheer team, said, “If you’re into athletics, we work out a lot in all aspects. Sometimes cardio and weight training. It’s definitely a good way to get involved in the school spirit and we go to all of the events. We get in for free, which is nice, and we get to be on the field [during the games] and in the action.”

Gore said what she likes most about the fair is being able to they get to meet new people and spread the word about the cheer team.

“Definitely go for it. We’re welcome to anyone,” Gore said. “It’s a big time commitment, but it’s definitely worth it, and it’s nice to feel like you’re apart of something.”

Laplace said it’s important for the organizations to showcase their roles.

“In our busy lives, we may overlook things and every organization plays an important part on campus and in the community, so it’s important to showcase this,” Laplace said.