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Changes to D2L disappoint students

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OUR VIEW: While D2L is a necessary evil, the changes that administrators bragged about are disappointing.

Desire 2 Learn, also known as D2L, is the nagging voice in the back of all students’ minds. It reminds us how much homework we have left to do, how many tests we need to study for and just how annoying it is to have a professor that won’t curve a 79.9 to an 80.

Last semester, administrators boasted about the new changes coming to D2L in the spring — but now that it’s here, we can confidently say that it’s mediocre at best. One student went as far as tweeting, “Yo @MidwesternState change D2L back to how it was.”

The old layout, while not visually appealing, was more user-friendly and didn’t look like the digital version of the kid who tries way too hard to be cool.

We know MSU administrators don’t necessarily have any control over the design of D2L because it’s created by a company called Brightspace, but they can certainly pass along the message that its students are underwhelmed.

Oh, and Brightspace employees, if you’re listening, bring back the old D2L.

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One Response to “Changes to D2L disappoint students”

  1. JB on January 25th, 2018 10:22 am

    Who exactly wrote this? Your research is evidently so shallow that you can’t get the company or product name right. The company is D2L and the product is Brightspace.


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Changes to D2L disappoint students