UPB host karaoke and nacho night

latoya fondren

Anissia Jones, exercise physiology junior, and Taylor Barnett, mass communications junior, partake in the nacho karake event by singing the first cover song of the night in Maverick’s Corner, hosted by MSU’s University Programming Board, on Friday, Jan. 19, 2018. Photo by Harlie David

Maverick’s Corner filled with laughter, and loud vocals as students took turns performing their favorite songs on the karaoke machine. The warm smell of nachos filled the atmosphere as 75 students stood in line to make themselves a plate. To end the first week of the semester, the University Programming Board hosted its nacho karaoke night on Jan. 19.

Carvel St. John, social work sophomore, said, “I love karaoke because my aunt was a karaoke singer so I would help her with her sound and stuff.”

With over 20,000 songs for students to choose from, St. John said he chose to sing “Billy Jean” by Micheal Jackson, and “There’s Nothing Holdin’ Me Back” by Shawn Mendez.

“My favorite music genre’s are pretty much anything, I like balance,” St. John said.

Dante Thomas, mass communication senior, said he likes rap because of its poetry, rhythm and beat.

Ruby Arriaga, activities coordinator of Student Affairs, said her student assistant came up with the idea for nachos, and their budget was less than $150 which was enough for the number of students that attended.

Terron Mccullough, art senior, said, “I wanted to know what it was like. Not bad, but [the nachos] needs some queso though.”

While some students enjoyed the nachos, Thomas enjoyed the company of connecting with friends.

“My cholesterol was a little high which is why I didn’t eat the nachos,” Thomas said. “I don’t like karaoke because I can’t sing, but I enjoy the event tonight.”

Mccullough said it’s fun to watch people do karaoke in a fun environment while everyone gets acquainted with each other.

“UPB does a good job of bringing life to a campus that’s dead,” Thomas said.

Thomas said he was able to bond with one of his football teammates about anime during karaoke night.

Arriaga said, “I enjoy hearing the people sing. I think it’s really funny and hearing them enjoy themselves.”

Arriaga said karaoke night was a great event to start off the weekend.

Tatum Hines, undecided freshman, said, “This is my first semester and it [college] has been an adjustment, UPB has helped me go out and do things by myself which I’m not used to doing.”

UPB members informed students that the purpose of their events is to get an escape from class.

Mccullough said, “It’s all about you enjoying yourself. “The reason for UPB events is so you won’t feel so uptight and just worried about class.”


Monique Fields, mass communication freshman | “Yes I have done karaoke in high school but I guess I like it because no matter if your like a talented singer or not you can just have fun and nobody’s going to judge you and you can get out of your box.”

Tatum Williams, undecided freshman | “This is my first semester and it [college] has been an adjustment, UPB has helped me go out and do things by myself which I”m not used to doing.”

Carvel St. John, social work sophomore | “Don’t be afraid to come out and sing.”

Terron Mccullough, art senior | “That’s the reason I joined UPB because one, the events are free so you don’t gotta worry about nothing and two, they always have multiple events so if you miss one you can go to another one and you don’t have to be stuck in your room.”