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Erin Wrinkle

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My boyfriend broke up with me for the second time right before summer. Now he wants to get back together with me again. Should I get back together with him?

This just thrills me that you asked me this.

My answer is NO!

I have been broken up with an ex three times.

Like you I am a nice and understanding person and I wanted things to work out. Unfortunately it was only me who wanted to work things out. The relationship wasn’t equal because I was always on egg shells, wondering if I was going to mess up and that he might break up with me…again.

This made me worried to express my emotions because every time I would he would just blow me off because he was “always right”.

At any rate, I realized that I don’t want someone who is going to have an upper hand in our relationship. I want someone who wants to be with me no matter what and you should want that too.

You have got to stop the trend and leave him for good. If he can stand to be without you then he doesn’t deserve to be with you.

Also I don’t know if you are feeling guilty about the breakup or if he blamed you or whatever the case may be but it’s not all your fault.

If you got mad at him then he must have given you reason.

Don’t take the blame! Guys are good at changing their short comings into the girls’ short comings.

You deserve better! Forget him!

I gave this girl my number at the bar and she won’t stop texting me. What do I do?

Sadly I have a friend who is very guilty of this, giving us girls all a bad name.

Sometimes the girl isn’t trying to be craz- okay I will stop sticking up for the girl.

You got to be straight up with her. I would say 9 times out of 10 the girl will be so annoyed that you just told her she was being annoying that she will stop texting you.

As a girl  I can say that if you don’t tell us that we are texting too much and you still respond occasionally  to our texts than us girls will make up every excuse of why the guy isn’t texting us. You had no idea the girl was going to be crazy when you met her at the bar, so here is what I think are the top five signs a girl is crazy!

1. She comes with about twenty friends and it isn’t her birthday. This means all of her friends are probably single as well and they are not really ready to settle down but they like the idea of settling down.

2. You notice that she goes up to a guy (this could be her ex or another guy she met before) and tries talking to him. If the guy isn’t into the conversation then maybe take that into consideration.

3. She makes sure people notice her. For example, you see her laughing and no one else around her is laughing as hard or as loud. This girl is begging for attention and you don’t want that.

4. When you give her your number or she gives you yours she asks when she should text you or when you will text her. This means she’s worried you might not text and she wants to know when you will call or text her. If she is already worried about it before you text her, how do you think she will be once you do text her?

5. She doesn’t blink when you are speaking to her. I don’t really have a good explanation for this one except I’ve seen girls that do this at the bar and it creeps me out.

How do I know this you ask? Well like I mentioned earlier, I have seen one of my friends in action and I’ve seen the after math. Good Luck!

If you want to share your relationship problems with me and read my response in the next issue email me at: [email protected] 

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