Take advantage, study abroad

The Wichitan

Our view: Our generation is offered many opportunities our predecessors weren’t, and one of them is the chance to study abroad. While not everyone dreams of traveling the world, it something that as many students as possible should take advantage of.

Besides traveling with your college friends and making unique memories, the cultural experience will help in future job situations. The world around us is blurring borders more and more, understanding different cultures allows for employees to more open. Any occupation dealing with international business, travel, immigrants, public communications deals with other cultures and study abroad broadens the chances to be hired.

Many concerns about studying abroad is the cost, but financial aid and the international education department are willing to work with students. Many people are too scared to ask for any kind of financial support, but our campus offers tons of aid because we are a liberal arts college and value the rich exposure study abroad offers students. More information can be found by contacting Michael Mills, international education director.

As great as our staff and education here is, you don’t get the opportunity to see the buildings we read about in history or walk in a city that’s thousands of years old. Students should take advantage of the opportunity to experience the world beyond their culture and study abroad while in college.