Language Café hosted in Clark Student Center

Devin Field

Students learn more about Zimbabwe at the Language Café in Clark Student Center on Nov. 14. Photo by Devin Field

Continuing International Education Week, the offices of student affairs and student involvement put together Language Café, a way for students to hear different languages and learn about cultures we have on campus in Clark Student Center on Nov. 14. The week’s events encourage students to study abroad and give students an opportunity to learn more about it.

“We had the Tri-lingual Café earlier, but we wanted a second opportunity to immerse students in languages,” Syreeta Greene, director of student affairs and enrollment management, said. “Hopefully they can learn or be exposed to languages that they are familiar with.”

Student involvement had traditionally hosted the week of international education but with the opening of the office of equity, inclusion and multicultural affairs the two offices joined forces to host it together.

“We thought this could make for a fun event if we taught people different languages that we have here on campus,” Anessea Jones, exercise physiology junior, said. “I work for the office of equity, inclusion and multicultural affairs, and I contacted different organizations and clubs so we could have volunteers to teach the different languages at the café.”

The room was set up with five tables, each with an international student, there to talk to students and share more about where they were from.

“The whole concept of bringing language to them is that if maybe folks can get past language or feel like that’s interesting, that may cause them to say ‘Maybe I could go to that country and immerse myself in the culture and language’,” Greene said.

Kendra Scott, phycology junior, curious about studying abroad, saw this as an opportunity to learn more.

”It’s a good idea to venture out, view other cultures and other languages,” Scott said. “I’ve looked at it and I was interested in learning more information, and to see what I could do to possibly travel and see how it could go toward my degree.”

A slideshow played on one of the walls with different facts and statistics about languages and studying abroad.

“This event is fun,” Begao Wu, graduate in business, said. “I can learn and make friends from other cultures and I can share our different languages to other people.”

Events continue through Nov. 17

“Everyone should be a little cultured,” Jones said. “Especially if we have it here on campus, it’s a good thing that you know what’s here.”

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