21 students participate in millennial trivia game

Latoya Fondren, Reporter

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Students anxiously sit on the edge of their seats as they answer questions during trivia night in the Legacy Multipurpose Room Nov. 9. Photo by Latoya Fondren

Loud laughter, shouts and conversation filled Legacy Multipurpose Room as students anxiously sat on the edge of their seats to answer questions on the projector screen. To get students to come out to have a great time and support Delta Week, as part of, “Millennial Trivia Night”on Nov. 9.

Hannah King, event organizer, said, “Trivia night was created to provide a fun and interactive event for the student body.”

I like the questions that were about up-to-date shows such as ‘Stranger Things’.” -Jasmine Sharpe, athletic training senior. ”

Jasmine Sharpe, athletic training senior, said, “I like the questions geared towards up to date things such as ‘Stranger Things’. All of the questions caused everyone to think back.”

To get the 21 participants in gamer mode, the event began with an ice-breaker. There were 45 questions focusing on themes such as hip-hop and r&b music, famous television series, award shows, and sports. The more correct answers they had, the more points they gained as they raced to be the top winners and win one of three gift cards to different restaurants.

Zakira Green, psychology junior, said, “Some of the questions, I was like I don’t know this at all; how could I remember this?”

Questions such as ‘What was one of Shakira’s most famous songs released in 2006?’ and ‘Which NFL team won the Superbowl in 2016?’ became more challenging as students tried to think back in time to choose the right answers.

Green said,”I enjoyed playing around by shouting out the wrong answers so everyone else could choose the wrong answer and I would have the right one.”

Green said she felt the tension in the room rise as students became more excited to win the most points.

“At the end, I was like well I’m not going to win, but I might as well have more fun,” Green said.

The trivia game was created by Kahoot, a free, game-based learning platform for students and educators that can be used to create different trivia games.

Danny Woodard, computer science junior, said, “I’ve used Kahoot before, first you should have your phone charged, but it’s pretty good and all you have to do is press a button [on your phone].”

Woodard said, “My favorite part of trivia night was seeing everybody laughing, talking and having fun while trying to remember a lot of the questions from the game.”

Woodard said it’s important for students to come together for events like this because it’s a great way for them to stay connected with each other.

King said, “The event was successful because the goal was to put on an event for students to interact with each other and have fun.”

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