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Cups and masks predict election outcome

Shelby Davis

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People have come up with entertaining and accurate ways to determine the outcome of presidential elections. This year, the results of a few alternative forms of voting were spot on in predicting the outcome of the presidential election. 

Unscientific methods are a fun way to predict the outcome of the presidential election. These alternative, yet accurate, methods give voters a more entertaining opportunity to cast their votes.

“It’s a fun way [to vote], and gives people a chance to show their decisions before they vote,” Karrie Rincon, manager to the 7-Eleven convenient store on the corner of Southwest Parkway and Barnett Raod, said.

For presidential elections, 7-Eleven convenient stores have been offering their customers a choice of coffee cups. They offer a Democratic, Republican and an undecided cup so that coffee drinkers can display their allegiance for presidential candidates. In the past three elections the number of cups sold by each party have closely resembled the outcome of the election.  Wichita Falls 7-Eleven locations take part in this alternative form of voting.

Rincon said this year’s warm weather has resulted in fewer people buying the cups. But when coffee drinkers do come in they usually participate in the voting.

“When they come in to get coffee that’s usually what they go for,” Rincon said.

According to, in Texas, Obama lead the polls with a 57 percent lead over Romney. In the United States, as a whole, Obama also lead the polls with a 59 percent lead over Romney. In Wichita Falls, however, it seems to be a different story.

“In the last two weeks we have sold twice as many Romney cups,” Rincon said of the Barnett location.

The coffee-cup method is not the only one that showed Obama taking the majority vote for president. Halloween masks also gave Obama as the favorite for the 2012 election.

For the past four presidential elections, the number of Halloween masks sold of each candidate has predicted the outcome of the election. This year, the Spirit of Halloween stores, with its more than 1,000 locations nationwide, reported that 60 percent of presidential masks sold were of Obama.

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Cups and masks predict election outcome