Sign up for ski, snowboarding trip

Yareli Lora

Students, faculty and staff can sign up to go on a ski and snowboarding trip in Colorado from Dec. 17-22.

The trip will take place in Wolf Creek Ski Area and will include four days of sliding, travel, food, lodging, snowboarding or ski rental and accommodations.

Steve Hilton, associate professor and faculty and residence in Legacy Hall, is in charge of the trip and wanted to plan something fun for students and faculty, along with creating relationships in a non-academic setting.

“Part of my job is to get faculty and students to interact in a non-academic setting, and by having this trip it can help faculty humanize students and students humanize faculty,” Hilton said.

The total cost per person for snowboarding is $648 and the total cost per person for skiing is $591.

“The cost for snowboarding is a little more because the rental equipment is more than the skiing rental equipment,” Hilton said.

Two vans will be provided and transportation expenses will be covered by housing.

Director of Residence Life and Housing Kristi Schulte said,”We are sponsoring travel fees and will help with transportation. We have a programming budget that we allocate for and we keep in mind students’ interests.”

Alexis Montalvo, business management junior, said the ski trip sounds like an exciting opportunity for students to get away from campus at an affordable cost.

Montalvo said, “My friend told me about the trip and I find the price is right for the amount of days that you get to stay and just be away from campus if you’re looking for an adventurous trip.”

This is the first year that the school has planned a ski and snowboarding trip for students, faculty and staff.

Schulte said, “There’s a lot of enthusiasm for trying something new. Students and staff are excited about doing something out of the ordinary.”

For further information or to sign up, contact Steve Hilton at [email protected]

“The trip is a way for students to get the idea that faculty is approachable, that we’re not just a talking head at the front of the room,” Hilton said.



November 10 – $100 (non refundable) deposit. The first 20 deposits will have their place on the trip secured.

Waitlist – $100 (non refundable) deposit if a spot opens up.

November 27 – $250

December 11 – Final payment

All payments will be made to MSU through Norma Ramirez in the Office of Housing and Residence Life.