Students decorate cupcakes to get into the Halloween spirit

latoya fondren

Angelica Symonette (right) helps students decorate their cupcakes Oct. 31. Symonette brought in candies such as M&Ms and sprinkes along with frosting for the UPB event. Photo by Latoya Fondren

Sprinkles, M&M’s, chocolate crumbs, graham crackers, pink, lavender, white, orange and grey icing filled the table as students picked their favorite toppings and decorated their cupcakes. To get students into the Halloween spirit, the University Programming Board hosted a cupcake decorating event on Oct. 31 in the Clark Student Center.

“The goal of most UPB events is to do something fun and get away from class,” Angelica Symonette, event organizer, said.

Symonette had a $60 budget for the materials and more than 60 students attended.

Symonette said, “First, I ordered the cupcakes and thought of topping ideas that people would like.”

Symonette encouraged students to use their creative side and imagination to decorate their cupcakes.

Dallas Wabbington, social work freshman, said,” My favorite toppings were the graham crackers, I created a really nice house with it. When I seen the green icing, I made grass out of it on my cupcake.”

Symonette said, “I wanted students to just go for it. I had some ideas on the table if they didn’t know what they wanted do and a few people tapped into their creative side.”

Wabbington said, “UPB is really nice and it seems like they know how to create a good event.”

Anissa Williams, art freshman, said, “I enjoyed being a spectator and watching everyone enjoy their cupcake.”

Williams said her favorite topping was the m&m’s and she really enjoyed the icing as well.

“I’ve never attended any UPB events in the past but I will attend future events, Williams said. “I like getting to know how nice people actually are and to know that it’s not so hard to bond with people.”

Williams said students should attend future events because they can meet new people.

Morely Luciano, English freshman, said, “I liked the different options; my favorite toppings were the candy. I also used the lavender icing and rainbow sprinkles.”

Luciano said everyone should attend the events because their enlightening and everyone is welcomed to attend.

Christina Garman, early childhood education freshman, said, “I like the cupcakes, like how could you deny cupcakes,  and it’s free.”

Garman said she will most likely attend other events because it will give her something to do outside of focusing on her studies

“It’s free and definitely friendly for students to attend,” Garman said.

Symonette said she enjoyed the event.

“I really enjoyed decorating a cupcake myself,” Symonettee said.

Symonette wants students to come out and support future UPB events because it can be a fun experience for them.

“Look out for our posters,” Symonette said. If you have time, come out to our events because a lot of people would say that college and campus is boring, but if you come out to our events than you get to know people.”


  • UPB Meeting | Wichita Room 1&2, Nov. 13, 5:30 p.m.-6 p.m.
  • Finals Frenzy | Clark Student Center, Dec. 7, 6 p.m.-11 p.m.











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