New website design glitches, however more user friendly

The Wichitan

OUR VIEW: The visual elements of the university’s website redesign emphasizes our efforts to produce innovative content.

As frustrating as the two day long construction was, the administration’s efforts were not in vain. The goal was to create a more visually pleasing website that was easier to navigate. Through this, prospective students will realize the efficiency MSU offers.

While this benefits everyone, it’s quite tedious for those who learned to navigate the previous website layout. That, and the initial glitch that occurs when a device clicks on the page for the first time before refreshed to the new layout.¬†Ultimately, the website contains easy access to information about the Wichita Falls campus as well as the Flower Mound and Weatherford College in Wise County.

The sleek design is inviting and pleasing to look at. There are a few kinks that administration needs to figure out, but in the mean time, the website is visually pleasing and invites people to check out our campus more than our last website ever did.