Mustangs Madness: needs improvements

Alyssa Mitchell

Liz Cathcart, marketing sophomore, practices her dribble and warms up for the game at mustang madness, Thursday, Oct 19, 2017. Photo by Sara Keeling

Basketballs bouncing, music blaring and hundreds of students in the stands cheering and anticipating Mustangs Madness to unfold on Thursday, Oct. 19 after the homecoming torchlight parade, pep rally and bonfire.

The introduction of the basketball teams starts with a performance by the Golden Thunder marching band drum line, followed by a stunt performance by the cheerleaders. The cheerleaders made a tunnel and the introduction of the women’s and men’s basketball teams began.

Even though excitement was in the air, there were mixed reviews about the event. Some students were disappointed in the lack of spirit from other students and the organization of Mustangs Madness as a whole.

Porscha Weaver, sociology junior, said, “This is my first Mustangs Madness so I expected school spirit and loud music, but I was a little disappointed in the lacking spirit and the organization of it all.”

Some of the older students agreed and said it wasn’t as exciting as prior years.

Jada Propes, political science junior, said, “I enjoyed myself for the most part but it wasn’t as exciting as last year. The school spirit and school morale was very low this year. Today is the one month anniversary of Robert Grays death and a lot of students are reflecting on that, so a lot of people probably couldn’t get into it or as excited as they would like to be.”

Students were also upset by the lack of attention on the basketball teams.

Propes said, “I wish there would have been a bigger emphasis on the start of basketball sean. I feel as if it was like ‘oh this is our basketball team, we’re going to shoot half court shots and that’s it,’ instead of making it a bigger deal and saying I know we are finishing off football season, but let’s get excited for basketball season.”

In contrast to the negative comments, there were some students who enjoyed it.

Bracklyn Martinez, nursing freshman, said she was excited for her first Mustangs Madness as well and had high expectations.

Martinez said, “It was awesome since everyone hyped it up so much.”

Attendees got a treat when a little boy wearing a number three on his back brought out the Mustangs spirit with his dancing and playfulness when interacting with the basketball players.

Weaver said, “He was the cutest thing and the best part of the night.”