Information desk workers cater to quirks

Shari Smith

Blandine Kanyambo, nursing sophomore, working at the information desk on Monday, Oct. 16. Photo by Shari Smith.

It was a busy afternoon at the information desk — telephone ringing, students approaching the desk and student IDs printing.

However, Shamberia Thomas, biology senior, was not ready for what happened that day.

She was sitting at the desk when a student suddenly approached her with a shiny object in her hand.

“The student asked if we had a lost and found then gave me a quarter because she believed someone lost it,” Thomas said. “I thought this was very funny because most people would’ve left it on the ground or kept it.”

But that’s only a fraction of what the information desk sees on a daily basis. According to the desk workers, students continuously have strange questions and requests.

“The student came to purchase an ID about three times in less than two hours,” Newton said. “After the second time, he told me this would be the last time.”

Clorissa Callendar, computer science senior, experienced a similar situation.

“There was this student whose ID was not working on a Friday, so we replaced it for free which was his 10th replacement,” Callendar said. “He came back on a Monday morning and said he needed a new one because it flew through his friend’s car window over the weekend.”

Students get lost around campus and go to the information desk to find their way around. Jonathon Granger, mechanical engineering sophomore, said a student came to the information desk to ask where Clark Student Center was located, which he found “very funny.”

While Thomas said the information desk workers are well-versed in the campus to answer most questions, she sometimes gets thrown off by questions.

“One student did come to me [at the information desk] to ask me where the information desk was and I was very stunned,” Thomas said.

The student assistants at the information desk get asked questions they may not know the answer to, like Krishna Watson, geosciences senior, but help students figure out solutions to their problems.

“I was working my shift one night and a student called to ask how to turn off the light in their dorm,” Watson said.

Other interesting events at the information desk as perceived by desk workers include:

  • From Eli Sheppard, nursing senior: Students applying make-up and posing for student ID pictures
  • From Brian Blair, mechanical engineering senior: Individuals calling to speak to their friends
  • From Jessica Green, psychology senior: “Someone asked me, ‘Where is the Mustangs shuttle?’ I was very confused because there is no possible way I would know the exact location of the bus while sitting at the desk.”
  • From Blandine Kanyambo, nursing senior: Asking for free folders because they didn’t want to pay for one at the bookstore
  • From Dominque Newton, nursing senior: Purchasing three ID cards in less than two hours because he continuously misplaced it
  • From Clorissa Callendar, computer science senior: Asking for help to rescue a fowl outside the student center because animal control was not answering his call