I don’t want to be a real housewife

Devin Field

I was told by teachers, parents and role models to dream big, taught to set goals and that I can be whatever I want to be. At least that is the mindset for most young women going through high school. We declare our major and, for a majority, we have what we want to do in mind. Then we set off for college, and some lifestyle choices change. I’m not saying that being a housewife is wrong. A couple of my friends say that is their dream “job.” But after college, I want more. I want to make a life for myself before I make a life with anyone else. I want time before I start a family, and yes I do want children, but I want a career first.

My dream isn’t so easy either. I don’t want a simple job where I find a place and I’m settled. I want to be an ESPN sideline reporter and it’s not so easy getting there. I would be starting off small and growing, moving from place to place, jumping from station to station. Although I do want a family, hopefully in my late 20s, I still want to be a working mother.

My mom is a housewife, and she was a stay-at-home mom while I was growing up, but my mother had big dreams too. She wanted to write for fashion magazines. But then she met my dad coming out of college and she later on had me. I wouldn’t want my life any other way but I want to reach my goals like my mother never did. And if I do find the man I want to be with before I reach my goals, I hope he’s accepting of my lifestyle and my choice to explore before settling.

I can’t wait to be a mom and to have my own family, but I can’t sit around and wonder if I would be happier had I pursed my goals. It’s all about the risk and taking chances. For some, being a housewife is something girls want as a lifestyle, but it’s okay to be selfish and to strive for things that make yourself happy first.

Devin Field is a mass communication freshman.