Hispanic Heritage Month: Latin dance classes

Shannon Doss

As part of Hispanic Heritage Month, Claudia Montoya will teach a Latin dance class at 6 p.m. on Oct. 11 in the Legacy Hall Multipurpose Room.

Montoya, associate professor of Spanish, said, “I’m so excited to teach students how to dance salsa, not only is dancing a great exercise, it’s another awesome campus event to get to know other students. I know how to dance salsa, but I’ve been practicing how to teach it to other people.”

A few of the dances that Montoya is teaching include, salsa, samba and bachata. They have origins from eastern Cuba, Brazil and the Dominican Republic; however, this class won’t be full of routines. It will be focused more on the basic steps of each style.

Selena Moreno, psychology junior and Spanish Club president, said, “Members of the Spanish Club will definitely be in attendance for the dance classes, not only to support Hispanic Heritage Month, but to also brush up on our dance dance moves. It’s definitely a great stress relief during midterms.”

The main objective from having these dance classes is to spread the knowledge and culture of these countries to students. The coordinators are hoping for a diverse group of at least 35 participants to show up.

Melanie Garcia, exercise physiology sophomore, said, “I have Hispanic roots, but I have no idea how to dance. I’m very interested in going so I can learn more about my own culture. I’m also going with a few of my sisters in the sorority I’m in, and it should be pretty funny seeing them try to learn these dances.”