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14 Priddy scholars learn better study habits

latoya fondren

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To learn different prep styles, study habits and test preparation tips, 14 Priddy Scholar students attended the Oct. 10 workshop, “Midterm Papers and Test Prep” in Clark Student Center.

“Having a goal, that’s the first step for any assignment, for any test you should set a goal,” Cammie Dean, workshop director of the student and orientation department, said. “Students have a main goal of graduating from college, but they should be making smaller goals until than.”

During the hour-long workshop, Dean provided students what she called “Cammie’s top 10 tips,” which explained different kinds of learners such as visual, aural, reading and writing learners and kinesthetic learners.

Dean wanted students to utilize their learning styles to become more comfortable with studying, managing time and breaking habits.

“We may know exactly what we need to do, but we still have to do it,” Dean said. “It’s never just a single learning style, we all adapt to a learning style.”

Dean instructed students to bring an upcoming test or quiz to the workshop to create a smart goal for one of their upcoming tests or assignments. First-generation students selected to the program encourages leadership skills and college achievement.

“You may want to create a deadline within a deadline to get a project or paper done by the due date,” Dean said.”Tackle the assignment piece by piece.”

Dean explained to students that time sensitivity is about having a deadline that students should create for themselves.

Maggie Smith, kinesiology freshman, said, “I brought my music appreciation test and after this workshop I know that I won’t be cramming for it.”

Dean encouraged students to stretch their study sessions and not to cram a lot of information the night before a test.

Caylen Myracle, accounting freshman, said, “To tame my anxiety I prepare for my test because than I’ll know that I’m prepared.”

The main idea that Dean wanted students to convey from the workshop was to find their strength and diligence to make their goals happen.

Baylie Bradshaw, undecided freshman, said, “Cammie pointed out things during the workshop that I found interesting about myself.”

Bradshaw said she chose to bring her algebra syllabus to create a smart goal for because she has an upcoming quiz next week.

“I liked the studying styles, it gives me a better idea of studying,” Bradshaw said. “For me preparation is a stress thing, I stress out if I don’t test prep,” Bradshaw said.

“We are 1 percent of the world that gets to go to college and we have the opportunity to learn,” Dean said.

Dean encouraged students to never lose sight of their goals and remember why there in college and why they were chosen to be in the program.

“Remember your why,” Dean said. “Remember why you’re here.”


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14 Priddy scholars learn better study habits