The Bridge pays tribute to football player through prayer

Bradley Wilson
Football players honor Robert Grays at the community gathering Sept. 18, 2017. File photo by Bradley Wilson

“God we want you to be with Robby Grays right now. He is obviously in a tough place so the first thing we want to do is come before you and we want to ask you for a miracle,” Andrew Riley, college pastor, said. 50 people gathered at First Baptist Church on Sept. 19 before Riley, who started off the night by sending a prayer for Robert Grays, the player injured in Saturday’s game.

“I think prayer is important in understanding your position to God,” Riley said. “As Christians, we believe God created the universe and he has dominion over it and if he chooses to, he can heal anyone. He can heal Robby Grays and obviously were praying for that miracle.”

Riley said many prayers on his own time, at church and at the gathering of 700 people on campus that happened Monday. He serves as a leader of The Bridge College Ministry and is looked upon by the listeners sitting in the audience. His belief in the power of prayer is strong.

“We believe there is power in prayer and it’s said the prayer in a righteous person is powerful enough and effective so we believe God can do things based on prayer,” Riley said. “So if God wants to perform a miracle in Robby Grays life, he can and were praying for that.”

Students have been using prayer in their own time to have conversations with God in thought of Robby.

“Prayer is a way we communicate to God with and essentially it’s like having a conversation with him,” Brandon Allen, engineering senior, said. “You are asking him for things and thanking him for things.”

A portion of Andrew’s prayer asked God to give peace to his family and friends with the limited understanding of the situation.

“He could end up healing Robby and that would be so amazing or another thing could happen and God also has a plan for that too,” Michelle Dickey, a senior intern for The Bridge said. “He has the ability to bring Robby, his family, his team and the school peace through it and it’s only the type of peace God could bring. No matter the outcome a really important thing to do is pray for him.”

Riley closed off his prayer with a hope for MSU.

“We pray you use this moment for good at MSU, we pray this becomes a moment that turns this place upside down and does incredible things and we pray this all in Jesus name. Amen.”

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