New name for Portico: The Bridge

halie aldridge

Students gather at The Bridge on Sept. 5. Photo by Halie Aldridge

Portico, a ministry for college students affiliated with First Baptist Church, became a well-known name on campus, but this fall, it disappeared. Andrew Reilly, pastor, decided to change the name of Portico — it’s now called The Bridge.

“The Bridge meaning is us one side, sin the middle, God is on the other side and Jesus is guiding us across the bridge,” Reilly said.

Reilly earned his undergrad in mass communication and is pursuing his master’s degree in apologetics at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.

Jared Sanders, education junior, has been working with Reilly for three years. He’s part of the board, table group leaders and Sundays’ life group, and was also part of The Bridge when it was still called Portico.

“[Reilly] wanted something different, and the easiest way to build excitement is to change the name. I loved it, I thought it was really cool,” Sanders said. “Since it’s been announced it been great.”

Both Sanders and Reilly said they want to see students grow in their faith and relationship with God.

“The main goal is to bring people to Christ and friendship. We want to see people grow in Christ and make their faith their own,” Sanders said.

Gabby Solis, psychology junior, said she went to The Bridge meetings all summer. When she found out the name changed, the direction of the ministry changed.

“The change of Reilly leading them is a great change,” Solis said. “It has grown in numbers, and he talks to them like people. I like the way he communicates his message and treats [students].”

The Bridge meetings are every Tuesday at 8 p.m. at 1300 8th Street.

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