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Why getting involved is actually important

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OUR VIEW: As cliché as it is, getting involved on campus is seriously important.

While the first day of class is enough to make any new student nervous, it can be even more intimidating when it feels like every person on campus is telling you to jump in the deep end and get involved. It’s natural for new experiences to be met with a flicker of fear, but we wholly advise every student, freshman or senior, to put themselves out there and make the best out of their time at MSU.

With more than 100 student organizations on campus, it is easy for any student to find their niche. Many of these organizations present students with opportunities to network with not only faculty and other students, but potential employers.

Being involved in the extracurriculars on campus not only enriches students’ experiences, but makes for an impressive addition to any resume. Whether it’s representing students in Student Government Association, coordinating campus events with University Programming Board, or learning to write and report at The Wichitan, there is something for students of all classes and majors to be part of.

We’re not just saying this to sound cliché. Joining an organization or club that you love, no matter what it is, drastically improves the way students feel about college.

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Why getting involved is actually important