Capture the Flag captured by rain

Mercy Yermo

As part of Mustangs Roundup, or an extended orientation for incoming freshmen, peer counselors hosted Capture the Flag on Aug. 24 for more than 25 students at the quad. However, the weather had the last say as continuous rain forced the game to be shortened.

“Everyone was pretty bummed out when it started raining because we had been looking forward to the game, and we had only been playing for a few minutes,” Tanner Flores, special education freshman, said. “I still had a lot of fun for the time it lasted though.”

Despite the fact that only part of the game was played before it was cancelled, the blue team, led by Liliana Cruz, peer counselor and psychology sophomore, won the first round.

“I enjoyed running in the rain and getting to be a team player while having the chance to play with the students I’ve counseled for the past week,” Cruz said.

The purpose of the game was to get to the opposite team’s side and steal the flag back without being tagged by the other team’s members. The team that successfully brings back the flag to its own side wins the game.

“We come up with a lot of different ideas that might get people out to get to know the campus and make friends, and Capture the Flag is a dynamic activity that gets people involved while having fun,” Hanna Getaahem, peer counselor and nursing senior, said. “It tends to always have a great turnout.” 

Suzanne Shipley, university president, participated in the game as she played for the blue team.

“I really wanted to come down and be part of Capture the Flag. We want all of our students to feel welcomed and have fun during Mustangs Roundup as they get more involved,” Shipley said. “I really enjoyed myself playing with the new students despite the rain.”

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