Clay wind chime craft allows students to relax

Sarah Graves

Bailey Hornsby, undecided freshman, Abigail Sanchez, radiology freshman, and Ariana Farris, undecided freshman, create their clay wind chimes on April 18 in the Caddo Room in the Clark Student Center. Photo by Sarah Graves

Cynthia Cummings, Clark Student Center special events coordinator, held her monthly craft class to allow students to relax before finals begin in three weeks. Participants made clay wind chimes in the Caddo Room in the Clark Student Center, April 18 and will continue April 19 from 2-4 p.m.

Students created their wind chimes and will paint them after they dry overnight on April 19.

With eight participants, Cummings said the class attendance was much lower than her usual monthly class numbers. She attributed this low turnout to the busy time in the semester with finals approaching.

“A lot of the classes are so full that people have to sit on the floor and people can’t get in the room. It’s just a busy time of the year right now,” Cummings said.

Bailey Hornsby, undecided freshman, said she attended the event because she thought it would be a fun activity and a way to spend time outside her dorm room.

“I really like wind chimes and the class is getting me out of my room,” Hornsby said.

Abigail Sanchez, radiology freshman, came to the class with her friends to have fun after seeing about it on Twitter.

Sanchez said, “It was a really great opportunity to hangout with friends.”

Ariana Farris, undecided freshman, said she agreed with the Sanchez and said she plans on attending more classes because she had fun.

“I don’t think I’ve been to one of the classes before, but I will definitely come again. It’s been a good experience,” Farris said.

Cummings said the University Programming Board used to fund the monthly crafts but now the Clark Student Center took over.

“UPB used to pay for the crafts, but now the Clark Student Center pays for it. I’m really happy they picked it up,” said Cummings. “I’m really glad my boss saw that many people enjoyed it and said they would pick up the tab.”

Cummings said she gets craft ideas from Pinterest or coworkers and students.