Foreign languages department hosts trilingual café on April 10

Zoie Flores

The foreign languages department will be hosting a trilingual café on Monday, April 10 from 2-4 p.m. in the atrium. The event is free to all students and faculty on campus who want to learn more about foreign languages and get a taste of the different cultures.

German professor, Dr. Yvonne Franke said, “Students will see a great selection of pastries and coffee. We will have German waffles and coffee, French croissants, Mexican flan and some Spanish cookies.”

All students have to do is write down their favorite word in a foreign language on a board in exchange for a foreign treat.

“This helps students learn about culture. The ones who are already enrolled in foreign language classes so they know about the culture, but they will get to experience a true taste of the culture so they learn about it more than just being in a classroom,” Franke said.

Other students who are not enrolled in a foreign language course will benefit in learning more about the different languages and cultures.

“Its open to everyone on campus so they can get in touch with the culture. If there’s a culture or language they want to know more about, they are more than welcome to attend,” Franke said. “Even if they only know a little bit of a foreign language.”

The food is provided by the members of the foreign languages department and the department uses its funds to pay for all of the food.

Franke said, “The professors who are involved in the organization make food, so it is all homemade food.”

There will also be a trilingual film in Kiowa the same night at 6 p.m. called “Couchmovie.”

“The film is in four different languages which include German, English, French, and Spanish. It is also set in various locations in Europe. It’s definitely something we will tell people about when they stop by for the trilingual café,” Franke said.