SGA needs to get it together

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OUR VIEW: After three cancelled meetings that still remained on the event calendar, SGA officers needs to properly communicate meeting details.

Student Government Association had its meeting on the university event calendar, and a handful of students headed over to Dillard 101 for the meeting last night. They were met with a giant empty room — some were not informed that the meeting was cancelled.

If the event is displayed on the event calendar, it’s expected that it will happen. That’s what the calendar is for — it gives students the opportunity to see everything going on across campus and have the chance to go if they want. If something is cancelled, take it off the calendar. No one should waste their time wandering somewhere only to be disappointed.

SGA is now on its third cancelled meeting, and some of its members didn’t even know that officers were out of town this week. Several said they did not even receive an email that the meeting would not be held.

It’s time to get it together.

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