About 50 students play Archery Tag

Joanne Ortega

Back arched, Selvian Peters shoots arrow while playing Archery Tag. Photo by Joanne Ortega

With spring beginning and Texas’ warm temperatures coming back, University Programming Board members decided to bring students outdoors and keep them in the sun for a longer time than their walk to class.

UPB members hosted Archery Tag on March 21 in the free-play fields where students were able to play with friends and pair up to win the game. The event was held from 11 a.m.- 5 p.m., giving students a chance to participate in the game, no matter their class schedule.

Organizers divided the Archery Tag field with a “safe zone” and had the teams on opposite sides. Players hid behind the inflatables and used them as a guard from the flying arrows. Two instructors part of CEP Incorporated guided students who were not familiar with shooting an arrow and taught them the basics.

Although UPB student members provided students with safety features like a face mask, bows and foamed-tipped arrows, they asked students to sign waivers before taking part in the activity.

“We brought Bongo Ball and Bubble Soccer in the past and we had never had Archery Tag here, so I figured it’d be really fun for the students to do,” Student Activities Coordinator Ruby Arriaga said.

According to Arriaga, the event cost more than $2,000 to put on and was brought by CEP Incorporated, a college activity agency. CEP workers came down from Michigan, setup and provided all the equipment for students to use.

Robert King, criminal justice junior, said he enjoyed everything about Archery Tag, especially the competition between the players throughout the game since he has done archery before.

Arriaga said around 50 students showed up to take part in the activity, but it was not what she had hoped for and was expecting for at least 100 students to attend. She said she received a lot of good feedback from the students who did go play Archery Tag, even though not many attended.

Charlotte McDaniel, nursing freshman, said she enjoyed that it was something new and liked shooting other people with the arrows despite that she got hit first.

“I saw it on Twitter and thought it looked fun to do,” McDaniel said.

UPB’s next big event will be the week-long activity, Humans vs Zombies, on April 17.