Toolbox Thursdays develop leadership skills

Greta Lazzarotto

Leadership and organizational skills are part of students’ everyday life. Toolbox Thursdays are open to all students, held in CSC Caddo meeting room from 12-1 p.m. and offer opportunities to improve skills and become acquainted with those abilities.

Jesse Brown, student organizations coordinator, said the event is inclusive of various campus organizations.

“It’s an interactive workshop where we deal with management, finance, leadership and any other organizational aspect,” Brown said. “It’s open to all students, and every week we try to involve different organizations on campus.”

Toolbox Thursdays is a new instrument initiated this semester. According to Brown, there is a need for organizational and leadership training on campus.

“We decided to create this event because our office deals with a lot of organizations on campus, and we saw that there was a need for organizational and leadership training across the board,” Brown said.

On campus many students are involved in organizations or in managerial roles such as, greek life, athletic teams, international students organizations or RA positions and all can benefit from Toolbox Thursdays according to Brown. Brianna Eipper, nursing junior and RA, said her role requires leadership and managerial skills.

“As an RA, we are put into a position that is concerned with leadership, managerial and organizational skills,” Eipper said. “Leadership is a key part of maintaining healthy relationships with our residents. Our residents need someone that can step up and advocate for them as an individual student and as a community.”

Ashley Goist, athletic training junior and senior member of Alpha Phi sorority, also said that in her organization leadership and organizational skills are required for her position, and they are something that younger members of her sorority work on.

According to Brown, the benefits of this training activity can be useful to students for their college career, but mostly for their future job.

“These are transferable skills that can be applied to any job, whether working for a company, a non-profit organization or whatever other employment,” Brown said.

Eipper agrees with Brown that the abilities learned through Toolbox Thursdays could be beneficial to her future career.

“This event will be beneficial for every student including myself. I would love to learn the proper tools to grow myself as a future employee or employer,” Eipper said.

Student Development and Orientation members hope that participation increases, which will help develop the workshop. According to Brown, over the summer, the event will be improved on to provide a useful tool for students in the future.