Hometown Heroes wins kickball tournament

Sarah Graves

Jackson Strieby, mechanical engineering sophomore, slides to third base during the intramural kickball tournament at Mustangs Park on Feb. 23. In the first game of the three-game series, Kickball Team lost to Hometown Heroes 2-6. In the second game, Kickball Team beat Kindergarten Kickers 4-0. Photo by Timothy Jones

Down by one.

Two outs in the top of the fifth inning.

The Hometown Heroes have one final chance to beat its opponent, Kickball Team, while up to kick.

After two errors from Kickball Team and a solid kick to the fence by Jared Maloney, criminal justice sophomore, the Hometown Heroes score five.

Kickball Team has one last up to kick, but falls short and loses to the Hometown Heroes 2-6.

The recreational sports’ annual kickball tournament took place at Mustangs Park on Feb. 23. Three teams competed in the round-robin tournament for both bragging rights and T-shirts.

Rodrigo Mireles, marketing junior and manager of recreational sports, said, “We do a kickball tournament every spring. This time we had the privilege of using the softball field. The kickball tournament is one big field day for the students to have fun and learn to compete with each other.”

The tournament allowed the 27 competing students to challenge one another for entertainment.

Courtney Burnette, nursing junior, said, “My friend ask me to join his team. I love to play sports, so I said why not?”

Burnette said the highlight of her night was catching the ball to get her team, Kindergarten Kickers, an out. As a member of the women’s soccer team, she said she loves to compete every chance she gets.

Logan Veitenheimer, criminal justice freshman, said, “I joined the tournament because some guys that I went to high school with asked me to. I like to win and have fun. That’s what we came here to do today.”

His team, Hometown Heroes, went on to win the tournament.

“I had a great time competing even if it is just for a kickball game. It was a nice break from schoolwork and studying. I also really liked that we got first place T-shirts,” Veitenheimer said.

Jeffrey Hamon, exercise physiology sophomore, throws the ball Feb. 23. Photo by Timothy Jones