Create, personalize soaps at art class March 8-9

Joanne Ortega

Giving students an opportunity to create and personalize soaps and scrubs, Special Events Coordinator Cynthia Cummings will teach a monthly arts and crafts class on March 8-9.

“Every time I try to do something different, so last time we did something that was kind of decorative and this time it will be useful,” Cummings said.

The class will take place in the Caddo and Kiowa Room at the Clark Student Center from 2-4 p.m. The students will be able to create and personalize soaps and scrubs by using the tools and materials provided for the activity.

After receiving comments from students, Cummings said she decided to have two days where she teaches the class so that students who would typically have scheduling conflicts get a chance to take part in the activity.

She said she wanted to hold the event to help students relax and forget about their stress by allowing them to release their creativity through the crafts.

There will be soap, a variety of oils, soap molds and tea for students to use when making their scented and moisturizing soap or scrub.

Students can choose from various molding trays for their soaps and will get to decorate the final products they can then use.

Although the previous class only consisted of 16 students, Cummings said she is hopeful that more students will want to participate and is expecting 75 students to attend.

Selene Torres, general business freshman, attended Cummings’ key hanger craft class and said she would enjoy returning for another.

“I was able to express my creativity and make something the way I want it,” Torres said.

The idea for the class came from Cummings’ student assistant and Cummings said she has already taught a soap making class at Sheppard Air Force Base that received a positive feedback.

Cummings said she hopes students like what they create as it’s unique to them, and that they have fun doing it.

“It sounds fun and I’d get to interact with other people, plus I also like soaps so I’d like to make something that smells good,” pre-med biology sophomore, Alaska Carrillo Bell said.

Cummings gets funding from the University Programming Board to help put on the classes each month and has already spent about $175 worth of materials for the students to use in the class.

She gets most of her suggestions from students and Pinterest to find crafts other students will get entertained with. Cummings has already started planning and looking for ideas for the craft class in April, maybe decorating cake pops.