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Getting involved with animal rescue is very rewarding, especially for those who used to have or still have a special pet in their life. Saving animals’ lives and helping them find their forever homes brings joy to everyone who’s had a pet. Students might wonder how much they can do with a busy academic schedule, but the good news is there are plenty of opportunities to contribute.

Become an advocate 

The Humane Society of Wichita County handled 979 intake cases during 2016. The results from this intake included:
  • 837 animals adopted out
  • 15 sent to rescue organizations
  • 36 reclaimed by their owners
  • 47 euthanized

These statistics are impressive, considering the high euthanasia, low adoption ratio at many other Texas shelters, including the Animal Services Center. Volunteers who spend time with the animals and help make them ready for forever homes play an important role in this adoption rate. The shelter and other local organizations often rely on help like animal transport and assistance at off-site adoption events, which students may be able to fit into their schedules easily. Some animals even have the potential to play a role in helping people, if they have the right temperament and can be trained as therapy or rescue animals.

Raising awareness

No Kill Wichita Falls involves several local rescues and is dedicated to reducing the euthanasia rate to 10 percent or less within five years. This goal can be accomplished through increasing spay and neuter rates, as well as increasing the number of animals adopted out. There are several volunteer efforts that are great for students, including: 

  • Canvassing neighborhoods
  • Bringing awareness of adoptable animals to the community
  • Helping educate the public about spaying and neutering

Crosspost animals in need

Even though many students’ schedules and living arrangements might not allow for them to keep pets, there is one helpful way in which students can make a difference. Available animals at the Animal Services Center or Humane Society of Wichita County can be easily shared through social media, including Facebook and Twitter. This method of advertising is a good way to reach prospective adopters or rescues outside this area.

Helping to rescue animals is a worthwhile cause for students who want to make a difference. Because pet rescue is so important, it is always helpful to know there are several ways to lend a hand. Look forward to the possibility of making a difference in this way.

Jenny Holt is a former MSU student.

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