Student Government Association opens applications for executive roles

Arianna Davis

Matthew Park, associate vice president of student affairs, discusses adding an additional day to the Mustangs Shuttle route at the SGA meeting on Feb. 7. Photo by Arianna Davis

Senators, committee chairs and faculty members of Student Government Association discussed elections for executive positions in the first meeting of the semester on Feb. 7. The meeting also announced a new eco-friendly student organization, as well as more information on the extended Mustangs Shuttle bus routes provided on campus.

For those interested in being part of SGA, applications for executive positions are now open, including president, vice president, secretary, or class senator. Application deadline for these positions is Feb. 12. 

According to Rena, students outside of SGA are not allowed to partake in the voting process, but they are still encouraged to come and observe the meetings as a way to understand what is going on around campus.

“Since they [the students] aren’t part of a registered organization, they are unable to vote. But, they can still come watch the meetings,” Rena said. “Any student can be a part of SGA, but they have to be a senator for a student organization, a chair of a committee, or a class senator to actually vote.”

Jessie Tidwell, science education freshman, is the senator for People Respecting Identity Diversity for Everyone, or PRIDE, and talked about his experience with SGA.

“It keeps me informed and gives me tasks to help out with around campus,” Tidwell said. “I help vote, I give my voice. When we host an event, I help out. I’m usually the one buying the food. I don’t have much power in PRIDE itself, but being a senator still allows me to get my toes in the water as a freshman.”

Alonzo Chapa, environmental science sophomore, spoke for a new group on campus, the Environmental Student Organization, a group of students who plan to improve environmental consciousness on campus.

Toward the end of the meeting, Matthew Park, associate vice president for student affairs, brought attention to the new extended hours for the Mustangs Shuttle. The changes include adding an all new six-hour route on Sundays. As for the expense, $210 will come out of the SGA budget to pay for it. Voting for this motion will occur in a future meeting.

For those interested, Ricinda Turner, senator for Mustang Maniacs, advised students to come out to meetings and see what is going on around campus.

“Just come out to the meetings. Sometimes they’re long, but they can be informative,” Turner said. “If you want to be a part of SGA, you can apply as a class senator for your classification or be part of a committee. You don’t have to be in an [campus/student] organization to participate.”

The remaining SGA meetings will take place in Room 101 in the Dillard College of Business Administration at 7 p.m. every first and third Tuesday of the month.

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