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Construction breaks quiet hours

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OUR VIEW: Construction disrupts dorm life.

The world knows that the glass-faced, moneyless, starving zombies walking around wearing university-associated clothing known as college students are desperate for as much sleep as they can get. The students living on our campus are more desperate for sleep than the rest of their fellow commuter zombies, because the dorms’ quiet hours that are meant for sleeping are being intruded by jackhammers, beeping trucks and a million other noises the construction workers are making.

While the construction is necessary, the constant disrupt of sleep is taking students away from rest that is needed for full brain function. If the construction hours would adhere to the quiet hours set by University Housing, students would be able to gain enough sleep for their brain to function at a level needed for university courses.

Waking students up around 6 a.m. when the quiet hours are supposed to be until 10 a.m. not only will bring suffering to students’ GPA, but also makes the quiet hours completely false. If construction workers are allowed to make an abundance of noise that early, then a rave at that time should be allowed too.

Students requesting that construction workers be constricted to the same time frame of noise that the rest of the campus adheres to, or at least a little closer to 10 a.m. is not far-fetched or outrageous and needs to be done.

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Construction breaks quiet hours