Greek life strives ‘for best GPA possible’

The Wichitan

Keeley Trevino

Greek life has always been one of those things that I dreamed about becoming apart of as a little girl, from the dressing up, to the fun parties and even the studying with sisters. Alpha Phi has really pushed me to stay on top of my academic studies and really strive for the best GPA possible.

While the movies don’t always make studying while in Greek life look as important as it should, the reality is that Alpha Phi actually pushed both me and my sisters to improve our individual GPAs as well as our overall grade point average. Our sisters work on study hours daily, ranging from freshman English all the way to senior level courses. And while they aren’t always convenient, these study hours are there to help our girls raise our grade point averages.

Grades have always been something that have been important to me — throughout high school, it was always one of my goals to do the best in all of my classes while still maintaining a social life and having a job. Being a part of Alpha Phi has really helped me with all of these things and helps me be more productive in all aspects of my life.

The ever-changing culture of my sorority is helping drive me and my sisters to better grades, and bigger dreams. With all of my sisters’ help, it will be an easy accomplishment to improve our grades this semester as well as the future ones to come. The ladies of Alpha Phi are learning that even though staying in and studying while everyone else is going to Lonestar isn’t always the most fun option, it is important to the future of our chapter as well as our personal futures.

Keeley Trevino is an early childhood education junior and Alpha Phi President.