Nerdology tests students’ pop culture knowledge

Sarah Graves

About 50 students participated in the University Programming Board Nerdology, Feb. 3. Contributed photo by Ruby Arriaga used with permission.

The students anxiously awaited explanation of the next category: “Lists of Fury.” The object of the category was to name 10 different courses offered at the fictional school, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

The room fell silent as the subtle murmurs of huddled teams competed only with the short, stabbing ticks of the clock. 

The University Programming Board hosted Nerdology, an interactive pop culture trivia competition, for students in the Market Street Learning Commons in Legacy Hall on Feb. 3, reporting an attendance of almost 50 students.

Ruby Arriaga, student development and orientation activities coordinator, said UPB’s goal for this event was to get attendees to have a great time while discussing pop culture. Arriaga said UPB chairs participated in a mock Nerdology game at a conference, and figured students would enjoy a similar experience. Students were quizzed on categories such as “Say What You Meme” and “The Sound of the Nerdy,” also including mini-games to promote audience participation. 

Students were able to win gift cards, candy and Mustang memorabilia from the bookstore for correct answers.

“I came to Nerdology because I didn’t have anything better to do on Friday night,” Austin King, education junior, said. “I thought it might be fun, and it gives me a chance to make new friends.”

Kirsten Durr, sociology junior, said her favorite part was “watching the students act out a blender and a giraffe” during one of the mini-games, and would like to participate again if given the chance.

John Smith, psychology and philosophy junior, said he enjoyed “The Sound and The Nerdy” category most, though the best part of his night was when he went on stage to impersonate the villain, Majin Buu, from Dragon Ball Z, a Japanese animé television series, during a mini-game to see who could prepare the best supervillain impersonation.