Study abroad meetings inform students about the program

Zoie Flores

Midwestern State’s study abroad program holds four meetings per year to inform students about the wonders of studying outside of a local college classroom. There are classes available in Spain, France, and London for all majors. The courses are worth six credit hours and students involved study for a month. There are also language courses available in Spain and France for students with majors and minors in either language. The cost of these programs are $6,800 for Spain and France and $6,900 for London.

Sophomore respiratory care student, Wenica Brodie, has never studied abroad, but wants to go to London for her first trip. “I want to go to London because there are less language barriers and I am interested in the public health and nursing classes there.” 

Brodie said that it would be a great experience to study abroad because it will expand her knowledge in respiratory care. “You are able to compare local and international healthcare.”

Dr. Michael Mills, Director of International Education and Professor at Dillard College of Business, has been a part of study abroad for two years. Dr. Mills thinks it is important for students to experience this because it “opens your frame of reference.” Most of the students at MSU are born and raised in a certain place their whole lives and never experience anything outside of where they are from.

Mills said, “One of my biggest regrets was not going in college. I paid the deposit and ended up not being able to go because of a personal issue.” Mills’ best memories from these trips is coming back feeling like a well rounded person. “It has reinforced my education through liberal arts.” He said that he enjoys hearing the students talk about everything that they learned and experienced while studying abroad.

Midwestern State wants to help in any way possible to get students to participate in this experience of a lifetime. The program gives students scholarships upon signing up, and the school offers financial aid to help pay for the trip. Students using a GI bill may also use their VA benefits.

Mills said that these meetings are very beneficial in getting students to join this program. “I believe that it helps clear the common misconception about studying abroad, its too expensive.” Many students are frightened by the price of the trips and avoid going without getting more information. 

There are two meetings during the fall semester and two during the spring. Dr. Mills said that there were about 170 students total at the fall meetings. He expects the same outcome for the spring semester. There is one more meeting on Thursday, Feb. 2nd at 4:00 p.m. in Dillard 121. Now is the time to get more information and expand learning opportunities.