Gender inequality still a real problem

The Wichitan

OUR VIEW: The women in the women’s march had reasons to protest, despite criticism on social media.

Around the world, women, men and children of all races and beliefs gathered in their cities to vocalize the injustice of gender equality. As people marched, social media brought forth thousands of confused individuals posting that women do in fact have equality and therefore no reason to march. However, the millions of marchers brought attention to the social issues concerning reproductive rights, equal pay, affordable health care and action on climate change.

While many women were wondering what rights they have not been experiencing, the undeniable statistics proving that women earn less of an income, are having their reproductive organ health determined by men and due to those reproductive organs have a more strenuous health care regimen. Although many believe that these items don’t exist, even MSU falls victim to these issues. According to a breakdown of our assistant professors’ salaries, the male assistant professors are annually earning $3,288 more than the women of equal title.

Each of lives dedicated to walking for their beliefs that day, did so out of concern for the well being of humanity. While women have the right to do many things men do, the objectification of their attractiveness, dress, sexuality, race and other issues are ever present and in need of change.

The issues which were marched for are not as distant or imaginary as many people believe. The women’s march might not bring about an immediate change in the social issues they peacefully fought for, but the attention they brought to the issues is the beginning of another justified march for freedom which should be joined by all who desire an equal society.