UPB hosts bingo night

Alyssa Mitchell

The University Programing Board held its semester bingo night Jan. 18. Students got the chance to relax and get free prizes.

Ruby Arriaga, activities coordinator, said, “It was a good night, we had about 50 plus people. Bingo night is always a big hit because people want to win the free things.”

Some of the prizes come from the bookstore.

Arriaga said, “We had a water bottle, an MSU blanket and a sweater from the bookstore.”

They also have traditional prizes like toilet paper and laundry detergent for the students who live in the apartments and off campus.

Anissia Jones, physical education sophomore, said, “There are a lot of good prizes. There were big prizes and useful ones like the toilet paper.”

In total all the prizes cost more than $150.

Arriaga said, “The cost of each ranges depending on the prize.”

Some of the bigger prizes were a Nerf gun, a body pillow and the MSU blanket.

Taylor Dinkins, business management sophomore, said, “I got a bingo a couple of times but gave my first prize away. The girl I gave it to seemed to want it so I didn’t mind.”

Dinkins won two more times. The first prize was a tumbler mug stuffed with candy and fuzzy socks and the second time she won she had to play rock, paper, scissors for the Nerf gun with another girl and lost.

Dinkins said, “Over all it was a fun night and I’m glad I went.”

Jones has gone to other bingo nights and was determined to win but ended the night not getting anything.

Jones said, “I wanted to win but I never do. I actually got a bingo but I was doing a regular bingo instead of the X they were doing so I didn’t get the prize.”

Either way she still had fun.

Jones said, “It’s always fun and gets your mind off of school.”

Stampede week in the spring semester is mainly aimed at returning students instead of freshman.

Arriaga said, “People are not really back in the groove so it’s kind of a slow week because it’s not freshman but returning students, so all they want to so is go to class and go back to bed so it was pretty good.”