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I hate to sound cliché, but getting involved on campus is a vital part of the college experience, especially during freshman year. While there are many ways to get involved on campus, one of the most popular is to go Greek. I know Greek life can often get a bad reputation, but as a new member of Alpha Phi, I’m here to say it has completely changed my life and my college experience for the better.

Through Alpha Phi, I have been able to participate in countless events as well. Each sorority has a specific philanthropy that they work with, and ours happens to be women’s heart health. We host several events to raise money for our philanthropy — so I get to give back to my community and have fun with my friends. We also have mixers with each fraternity, participate in all the homecoming festivities, and attend sisterhood retreats. There’s really never a dull moment, and there’s always something to do with my sisters.

Greek life is often knocked down about how all we do is party. We get bad grades. We skip class. Well, that’s simply not true. Thanks to study hours and a scholarship plan, each member of a sorority is given a path to success as well as sisters to help them get through classes. If I need a tutor, an extra spiral, a used textbook (way cheaper than the bookstore), or a Scantron five minutes before a test, there’s always a sister who’s got my back.

Going Greek also gave me plenty of opportunities to better myself not only as a woman, but as a leader. Through hard work and the vote of my chapter, I was able to join this great chapter of Alpha Phi and take an executive position despite only being a freshman. This wonderful opportunity to lead, grow and learn from my chapter as well as the rest of my executive board would have never been possible without the family that I have found in Alpha Phi.

Being away from home for the first time has been a little crazy and definitely not at all what I expected, but I’ve found the beauty of family within Alpha Phi as we grow together as scholars, leaders and women. My sisters welcomed me with open arms, and for the first since I left, I finally feel at home again.

Going Greek could make that difference for anyone else, too.

Courtney Hoover is a dental hygiene freshman.

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