More than 150 attend waffle night

Alyssa Mitchell

Students stand in line in Sunwatcher Clubhouse for waffles on Jan. 9. Photo by Alyssa Mitchell

The housing staff hosted a late night waffles session in Sunwatcher Clubhouse on Jan. 16 at 9 p.m. 

Angie Reay, associate director of residence life and housing, said, “During our move in week programming, we usually end the week and night before classes with our late night waffle dinner.”

There were toppings for the waffles like peanut butter, M&M’s, chocolate syrup, chocolate chips, and the regular waffle toppings like butter and maple syrup. More than 150 students went to eat late night waffles.

Reay said, “We usually have about 150 to 175 students come. We can usually tell by how many waffles we have to buy. We just get some waffles and toppings and have a place for people to socialize and relax in a stress free environment before classes get going.”

The housing staff has put on the waffle night for four semesters now and they say they have always seen a good outcome.

Reay said, “It’s a way for students to relax, we know that classes are starting everyone loves to have a late night snack and everything so this is just kind of something to bring everyone together.”

The waffle night budget, combined with the cowboys playoff watch party and movie night budgets, came in at approximately $200.

Reay said, “I bought for this program and the playoff program that we hosted in the Legacy multi-purpose room and a movie night that was Saturday. For all three programs I spent right around $200.”

Some students believed that the waffle night was actually going to be pancakes.

Kaytlyn Boyett, art junior said, “I was originally expecting pancakes, which I am not a fan of, but I went anyways to be social. Once I noticed they were waffles, I got excited considering that I like waffles.”

For the people who were expecting pancakes, it could be upsetting to see a different item on the menu.

Boyett said, “Just like I don’t like pancakes, someone who was expecting them but instead received waffles could be upset.”

Other than the miscommunication, students enjoyed the waffle night.

Whitney Atkinson, English sophomore said, “I liked the waffles and it was fun to get out of my room for a little while before I’m stuck doing homework all the time.”

The fun was all in hanging out with friends and being social.

Boyett said, “It brings everyone together over food and that definitely makes me happy. So many people can create bonds and even small memories from just a small get together.”