Student runs successful clothing line from dorm room

Rodrigo Mireles

Richard Anyaegbu, geology sophomore, does a lot more than just sleep or study in his dorm room. Anyaegbu operates a clothing line from his room, and he held a photoshoot yesterday for his upcoming collection, which he will later upload to his website for people to buy.

Anyaegbu said, “The shoot went well. I’m very excited to bring out these products for the people.”

The name of his brand is called “Life in Threads” or “Threads” for short. Anyaegbu sells hats, shirts, sweatshirts, and plans on expanding his business.

Richard does not have much time since he’s started his business, but he has been very successful for the couple of months that he has been working.

Anyaegbu said, “The brand really started last semester but this semester was when I started working on everything. You could say that last semester I started and set myself a great foundation in order to get everything going this semester.”

He started off his brand by selling hats with the acronym “LIT” on them. He had a photoshoot with models for the hats, uploaded all the pieces to his website, and sold every piece.

Anyaegbu said, “My brand has evolved from starting off just with hats and moving up into designing and selling shirts, hoodies, and sweatshirts. I really just developed a vision for my brand and brought it to life. “

He claims that he is not an ordinary student, judging by all the work that he puts into his clothing line. Anyaegbu said isolation is a major key that contributes to his success.

Anyaegbu said, “I do not have a problem being isolated. I love being by myself because it allows me to sit down, focus, and think about stuff to work on.”

There are other student designers on campus who design and sell their items as well, but he believes that they do not do as much work as he does.

Anayegbu said, “I actually do what I say I want to do. A lot of people speak on what they’re going to do but they show no action. Another thing is that when people start something and then get spare time on their hands, they don’t use it to work on their craft they’d rather do other tasks. I use all the time I can to work on my brand and my clothing.”

He also believes that MSU has helped him greatly in the development of his brand.

Anyaegbu said, “MSU has played a major role with the success of my business. I used to play on the soccer team here, but I stopped because of an injury. That pushed me in this direction. I’ve been able to use all the resources around me, like the post office and Fain Fine Arts. The production company is so close to campus that MSU kind of brings all of those resources to my doorstep. I don’t even have a vehicle so for me to be able to do all of these things is truly a blessing.”