MSU launches social media campaign

Erin Wrinkle

Tweeting, commenting, posting and liking are just part of what graduate Matthew Steimel will be doing in his now full-time job pushing MSU’s online presnese.

His office in the Clark Student Center houses two desktop computers, one iPad, and one Droid Bionic to make sure he focuses on being as social as possible.

Steimel is in charge of all of the Midwestern State platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

He is also in the works creating new platforms as well as maintaining the website. Steimel said even though it sounds like a fun job, he is always working to keep MSU students up to date.

“I am constantly checking [the accounts],” he said. “I check them at least once an hour.”

Midwestern’s main Facebook has 1704 friends and its Twitter page has 585 followers.

Steimel said he tweets five tweets a day unless there is a big event Midwestern is hosting.

He also interacts with its followers. His first priority he said, when using social media is to communicate with students.

“Students want to feel invested in the university and for the university to feel invested in them,” Steimel said.

Midwestern’s other goal for using social media is to promote school spirit. He retweets and shares the students’ positive experiences.

From the student’s acceptance into college, to their experience at Spirit Days, and even their first night at the dorm, Steimel said MSU wants to recognize these experiences.

“There are some great things happening,” the 22-year-old added.

One of these accounts includes the University Development office. Steve Shipp, the Director of University Development wants to students to have an open door policy with his department. Although the secretary, Jeannette Perry is the “tweeter” Mr. Shipp is always ready to reach out in any way he can. “The Facebook and

Twitter accounts are monitored daily,” Shipp said.

Perry also tweets and posts about important deadlines.

“This creates a more public face for the department,” she said. “Since social media seems to be so prevalent in society, we wanted to be a part of that,” the Perry said.

On Aug. 28, Midwestern annouced the launch of its application through Apple entitled MSU2U.

The process of creating MSU2U app started in the fall of 2011.

The creation of this app was a team effect between computer science professors Terry Griffin and Tina Johnson and students Eric Binnin, Chase Sawyer, Miminar and Shawn Seals.

“Creating the app was a way to allow some of our students to gain experience while creating something very useful to the MSU community,” Johnson said.

Not only will Midwestern have an app for iPhone users, but soon Android users will have an app as well.

“The grant has been extended and this year we plan to add more features to the existing app and create a comparable android version,” she said.

The app was created through a faculty research grant secured by the department of computer science as a teaching tool for both faculty and students, according to Julie Gaynor, the director of marketing and public information.