Student votes give students a voice

The Wichitan

With the next presidential election Nov. 8, voters’ time to choose a presidential campaign to back is only 20 days away.

In this election, it is crucial, now more than ever, for young voters to become educated on the two primary candidates and to participate in this election.

In today’s society, younger college-age voters are not happy with the way things are going still, they neglect to vote. 

We need to stop being silent and taking whatever outcomes come our way. Especially when we have a say in how certain things come out.

Like a national election.

Students who don’t know who is running for president, get out from under the rock. Find out.

Students who do know who is running for president or for that matter mayor but don’t know who to vote for, get educated.

The last presidential debate is tonight. Come over to Sunwatcher Clubhouse and watch.

While reading up on the presidential candidates, also make sure to check out local mayoral candidates, local state government and other other official elections that will also be affected by student votes.

This will be the last time for us to hear arguments — and by that, I mean arguments — for both sides and get more information. And do just that. Vote.

Students are given that right for a reason. The only way we can have a voice is if we vote.

Don’t let others speak for us. That happens every time we don’t vote. We need to stop letting others speak for us. 

So if you don’t want Trump in office. Vote.

If you don’t want Hillary in office. Vote. 

Either way, every vote matters, and we need to be able to count on every eligible voter to show up and have a voice. 

So I hope to see everyone at the polls on Election Day, because the future of the United States depends on it.