New safety app makes students feel secure

The Wichitan

Our view: All MSU students should add the new safety app to their toolboxes.

After downloading the new MSU safety app and experimenting with its features, all students should download it if their smartphone supports it.

If students feel unsafe walking home from the library after a late night of studying or even a short trip back to the dorms from the student center, this app has several features that can increase that security blanket when the world feels just a little sketchy. The Friend Walk feature allows students to send a friend (or two) the link to their location and they can follow them via smartphone until he or she arrives safely home.

We even tried it. It works. 

Another useful feature is the Mobile Blue Light function. Triggering this sends the student’s location to the police in real-time and initiates a call to dispatch — and while some say you could just call 911, this app creates a more discreet way to call the police. Sometimes it’s dangerous people, not dangerous situations. 

The final feature worth mentioning is the alarm. If a student feels uncomfortable or in danger, he or she can click the alarm button within the app and the phone will repeatedly blare a loud siren noise. This will scare off any predator, psycho ex, or creepy stranger with no problem.

Bottom line: download the app. Students across campus will feel safer.