Divided we fall: Summit should be for everyone

Dylan Pembroke

Dylan Pembroke, mass communication,
Dylan Pembroke

We all have hard opinions on things. We are divided on many aspects of our lives. Some of those divisions are harmless. Whether you’re team Edward or team Jacob doesn’t have any significant bearing on society. Debating whether or not that reference is even relevant in 2016 will not change the world.

However, other divisions really matter. Race has been a serious debate in this country for hundreds of years, but race is only one part of a larger systemic problem.

We seem to always be finding new and creative ways to highlight our differences.

The problem is that even as we work toward a solution, we are still fueling the problem. The Black Leadership Summit taking place on April 26 has the purpose of promoting engagement, belonging and academic success of the black students at Midwestern. While I agree that the issue of student well-being is important, I don’t think this is the right way to go about it.

We should be working as a university to include every student regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation, gender, or any other reason.

It’s not just a single group that matters. All of us matter, and we all matter so damn much. We should be creating an environment of inclusiveness where we are simply students.

The beautiful part about being part of the college experience is that we get to come together and become part of a new community. College allows us to learn to work together in a diverse workplace just as it is in the real world. Students should not be split up from one another.

The most powerful thing we can be is to be together. If we divide ourselves up then there will always be those who drive themselves between us and attempt to exploit our differences. Some of those people might also decide to run for president.

The greatest accomplishments in human history have been accomplished by us coming together. Without fail, every time a group is singled out, conflict follows.

Our campus has seen discrimination rear its ugly head repeatedly. There have been instances of students being called out individually on social media due to their sexual beliefs. Just this semester I saw a fellow student’s vehicle with the words “piss on Islam” written on the back window. I have always been a staunch supporter of the right to believe and say whatever you believe, but this made me embarrassed. I was embarrassed that someone that narrow-minded was associated with me as a fellow student.

Racism, sexism and other types of discrimination are wrong right now. In a hundred years, this kind of conversation won’t even exist. The frustrating part for me is that there is no reason we should have to wait that long for us to come together a move past our differences.

Dylan Pembroke is a senior in mass communication.