Alumni partipate in first Maroon vs. Gold game

Allison Ashcraft

Joey Greenwood, director of recreational sports and the Wellness Center, coordinated a 7-on-7 alumni game at the Maroon vs. Gold football game on April 9. 

Alumni who graduated as early as last year, to graduates from as far back as 1997 came out to participate.

Greenwood said he set up a MSU football alumni Facebook group and then chose two team captains who met up to do a draft. In total, about 60 alumni showed up to play. 

“I played football here back in ’91 through ’93 and I just thought it would be something that would be pretty neat to bring back, for some of the people that just graduated as well as some of the people that played back in 1988 when we brought football back to MSU,” Greenwood said. 

Playing in flag football style, the alumni laughed and greeted their friends and high-fived between plays.

The first three quarters of the game were played before the spring football game, with the Gold team leading 19-14. 

During half time of the football game, they alumni finished their fourth quarter, resulting in a Maroon team victory of 22-19.

Brandon Kelsey, alumnus, was on the Maroon team and said it felt great to win. 

“It’s just a competition thing. You never lose that competition spirit no matter how long you’re out of football or whatever sport you play,” Kelsey said. “So it’s always great to get together with these guys and compete.”

It wasn’t just about the game, but reuniting with their buddies to participate in a sport they all love. 

Kelsey said MSU is his second home and it was great to come back and see his old teammates. 

Mark Marsh, a 1997 graduate, said he was also excited to return to where he once played. 

“You go from a locker room and you’re brothers, and then you go into your real life and kind of forget each other, and then you come back,” said Marsh. “We had a blast, and we appreciate Midwestern having us here, and it’s kind of neat to have your jersey back.”