Campus legends tested

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Campus legends tested

Everett Kindig, professor of history

Everett Kindig, professor of history

Everett Kindig, professor of history

Everett Kindig, professor of history

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Students voice their opinions on campus legends from MWSU Campus Watch on Vimeo.

Over the years, the students have perpetuated some urban legends, getting hit by a university vehicle will result in getting tuition paid, a dead roommate or professor will result in A’s in classes, the Killingsworth suicide jumper, and the campus having exclusive custom bricks.

The first urban legend says that a student that is hit by a university vehicle will have their tuition paid for by the school. However popular among students this may be, it was found to be false.

Tuiton paid

“I’ve never heard that one. I would very much doubt it. I’m sure that obviously, any expenses would be all paid for by the university. If it was the university vehicle’s fault there could be a law  suit there, but I had never heard about tuition being free,” said Everett Kindig, history professor and author of The Better Part of a Century, a book on the history of Midwestern State University.

The next myth on the list deals with death. It states that if a professor dies during a course students will get an A and if a roommate dies the student will receive all A’s. This rumor is also false.

All A’s

Kindig said, “It’s never happened. generally if a professor dies they will substitute someone for him, so you wouldn’t get an A from that.”

Killingsworth jumper

The Killingsworth Hall suicide, is another urban legend on campus. The myth states that a girl committed suicide by jumping from her room on the sixth floor, this is false too. Kindig said  there has never been a student commit suicide by jumping out of their window since he has been teaching at MSU.

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The MSU brick

The final urban legend is the MSU brick. the MSU brick is a blend of bricks exclusive to this campus, which is why all of the buildings match.

Debbie Barrow, director of board and government relations, said a company in Texas developed the MSU brick that was used in all campus buildings but over the years the original materials ran out and a different brick had to be used to build Dillard College of Business Administration and newer buildings.

Additional reporting by: Chris Marten

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